Welcome to the APS CUWiP at Wesleyan University

The Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) are three-day conferences for undergraduate physics majors. The conferences will showcase the career opportunities available to physicists through plenary talks, panel discussions, and a career fair. Participants will have the opportunity to network and interact with over 200 fellow undergraduate women physicists as well as a variety of industrial and academic leaders.

The goal of the APS CUWiP is to encourage undergraduate women to continue studies in physics by providing an opportunity to experience a professional conference, exposure to both undergraduate and post-graduate research, information about graduate school and employment options, and access to women in physics from other universities with whom they can share experiences, advice, and ideas.

The 2016 CUWiP is scheduled for January 15-17, 2016, and will be held at 9 different sites. Wesleyan is honored to be hosting one of the Northeast regional conferences, and is planning a career fair representing regional technology companies and graduate physics programs. In addition to Wesleyan, the other host sites include Black Hills State University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Old Dominion University – Jefferson Laboratory, Ohio State University, Oregon State University, Syracuse University, the University of California – San Diego, and the University of Texas – San Antonio. View this year’s conference flyers, and help us advertise the event by downloading the national and local flyers.

Please join us at this year’s conference and take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your own research, connect to the physics community, and explore career opportunities!


Cost will not be a limiting factor to participation in this conference as financial assistance is readily available.  The registration fee is $25 per applicant and should be the only student expense. Food and lodging expenses are covered by the conference.  Travel expenses are expected to be minimal as carpooling is encouraged where feasible; otherwise, participants are encouraged to request support from their home institutions.

For additional assistance with expenses, please contact us at cuwip@wesleyan.edu.


teacher with telescopeThe 2016 CUWiP Locations